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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Tragedy occurs in New York truck accident

    || 26-Dec-2013

    The end of the year brings a time for giving thanks and celebrating. Many students consider at least one of their teachers to be something they are grateful for, and so many gifts find their way to schools around the nation as children express their fondness for them. One New York family is grieving after their son was recently struck and killed in a truck accident while he was taking his present ...
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  • Lawsuit Alleges Carnival Cruise Aware of Fire Risks

    || 26-Dec-2013

    A lawsuit accuses Carnival Cruise Lines of knowing about fire risks before the Carnival Triumph set sail earlier this year. The Triumph made headlines when a February 10th hose leak fire broke out in engine No. 6. The ship, according to The Associated Press (AP), was returning from Mexico when the fire disabled the vessel. The lawsuit alleges that Carnival knew about leak risks and recommended ...
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  • Industry Must Remove Lead Paint in Millions of Older Homes, Judge Rules

    || 20-Dec-2013

    In a historic decision, Judge Kleinberg in California ordered three paint companies to pay for lead paint removal from millions of older homes in the state; the levied fines total more than $1 billion. The $1.1 billion fine is meant for the lead paint removal from some 4.7 million homes in California; many located in low-income areas, CBS Nightly News reported. A paint company spokesperson said ...
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  • Tragic car accident could lead to personal injury case

    || 18-Dec-2013

    A couple that was apparently wanted for questioning in connection with a recent shoplifting incident in New York were fleeing from authorities when they added to the list of crimes they were accused of committing. In their rush to get away, they allegedly caused a car accident. Two people are dead because of the accident, and another one is still in critical condition. According to reports, the ...
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  • Portable Gas Cans May Pose Explosion Risk

    || 16-Dec-2013

    A recent investigation reveals that ubiquitous red plastic portable gasoline containers, which are available nationwide, present fairly unknown explosion hazards. In the United States, consumers purchase some 20 million gas cans annually; there are about 100 million gas cans in circulation, industry estimates indicate, according to the NBC News investigation. Laboratory testing revealed that under ...
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  • Elderly woman may have personal injury claim

    || 12-Dec-2013

    Sunday afternoons are frequently known for errands. New York families are preparing for the week ahead, buying groceries, dropping off dry cleaning, washing their cars, picking up dog food at the pet store and running by the ATM for cash. The late afternoon hour may even be the dinner hour for some elderly citizens, however, and they may take to the roadways in search of early bird specials. The ...
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  • Energy Drinks may be Tied to Cardiac Issues

    || 9-Dec-2013

    Emerging research on highly caffeinated energy drinks reveals that they might increase heart contraction rates significantly in healthy people as early as one hour after consumption. The research, according to CBS News, was presented at a medical conference this week. Study authors expressed concern over the types of cardiac side effects seen and how those effects might impact teen and young adult ...
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  • Fatal Bronx crash may result in personal injury case being filed

    || 5-Dec-2013

    Car crashes can often be labeled as both freak occurrences and tragic events. Oftentimes because of a driver's negligent actions, accidents have a propensity for leading to serious injuries and sometimes even death. A recent fatal car crash in New York may lead to a personal injury case. Two men were standing on a freeway, apparently inspecting a broken down car. It was not immediately clear ...
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  • Fatal car crash could lead to personal injury case

    || 1-Dec-2013

    Some car accidents make a bigger impact that others. The impact is not always because of the number of casualties or the horrific details. Sometimes car accidents just seem more tragic because of how they hit loved ones. A recent accident in New York seems to have made a larger impact on the community than others, and perhaps will lead to at least one personal injury case. According to reports, a ...
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  • Single mom sues hospital and doctors for personal injury

    || 22-Nov-2013

    Hospitals are seen as places of healing. Doctors take an oath to care for their patients, and to heal them when they are injured or sick. If and when surgery is necessary, patients rely on doctors to remedy the situation. Some people in New York might be wondering if doctors at a local hospital should retain their licenses. A woman filed a personal injury suit against the doctors who cared for her ...
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  • Larger Cruise Ships may be Tied to Larger Problems

    || 20-Nov-2013

    Today's cruise ships are being built larger and larger and, following a series of disasters at sea, lawmakers are wondering if their increasingly massive size is to blame. For example, according to a The New York Times report, in 1985, the Carnival Holiday, was a 46,000-ton ship; in 2003, the Queen Mary 2 was triple that size; and, in 2013, two of the largest ships are 225,000 tons. In 2012, ...
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  • FDA Proposes A Change to Generic Drug Labeling

    || 19-Nov-2013

    Federal regulators have just issued a proposed rule change that would enable the makers of generic drugs to update drug labels when they receive safety information related to their medications. Under current regulations, this is restricted for generic drug makers, who must ensure their labels contain the same information as the related brand version. Approval of the U.S. Food and Drug ...
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  • Johnson & Johnson Agrees to Multi-Billion Dollar Risperdal Settlement

    || 13-Nov-2013

    In the largest settlement for one drug, Janssen Pharmaceuticals pleaded guilty to misbranding its antipsychotic medication, Risperdal, as part of a massive $2.2 billion settlement with the Department of Justice. Janssen is a unit of Johnson & Johnson. Janssen entered the guilty plea to one misdemeanor at an hour-long hearing before U.S. District Judge Timothy Savage in Philadelphia, ...
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  • Brooklyn crash kills 1, injures 3: possible personal injury case

    || 12-Nov-2013

    New York roadways are some of the most complicated in the nation. They are busy, packed with cars, trucks, taxis, emergency vehicles, messenger couriers, pedestrians and others. Operating a vehicle recklessly or negligently can result in personal injury and sometimes even death. Even a vigilant driver can still be taken by surprise. Two drivers in Brooklyn recently experienced just that on a ...
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  • Serious Blood Clot Reactions Seen in Iclusig Leukemia Treatment

    || 8-Nov-2013

    Leukemia drug Iclusig (ponatinib) is the focus of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug Safety Alert over its association with serious blood clots. Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc. manufactures Iclusig. The FDA has asked Ariad Pharmaceuticals to cease marketing of the dangerous drug Iclusig after receiving reports of serious blood clots in patients' veins and arteries. The drug received ...
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