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Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • FDA recalls dangerous drugs which may contain penicillin

    || 28-Mar-2014

    Homeopathic medications are popularly viewed as safe. While medical doctors in New York often debate their efficacy, the general consensus is that homeopathic drugs are harmless, for the most part, and not likely to cause any adverse reactions or involve dangerous contraindications. Nevertheless, a recent dangerous drugs recall has revealed that one homeopathic medication could cause fatal ...
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  • Porsche recalls its GT3 for motor vehicle defect

    || 21-Mar-2014

    Brooklyn Porsche aficionados may be interested to hear of a recall that was put in place with regard to the 911 GT3. According to Porsche engineers, the vehicle contains defects that could cause it to spontaneously burst into flames. More specifically, the motor vehicle defect relates to the sports car's engine. Engineers report that a loose rod in the GT3 engine will eventually cause ...
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  • 9 hurt in brooklyn car accident with special needs school bus

    || 14-Mar-2014

    A special needs school bus was involved in an accident with a taxicab. The force of the car accident, which occurred in Brooklyn on a recent Monday afternoon, caused the special needs school bus to flip over onto its side. Nine individuals were injured in the crash, including some of the special needs children who were riding in the bus. A total of six children suffered minor injuries, which ...
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  • Dangerous drugs: Is Zohydro unsafe for New York residents?

    || 6-Mar-2014

    Doctors throughout the United States, including in New York, are concerned over a new medication that recently received FDA approval. The medication is scheduled to hit pharmacy shelves on March 1. It is intended to be used as a painkiller; and, according to many doctors, it should be classified among the many other types of dangerous drugs that are currently on the market. The prescription ...
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