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Recent Posts in Car Accidents Category

  • Sullivan & Brill Recovers $3,000,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

    || 21-Sep-2016

    Sullivan Brill recently recovered $3,000,000 on behalf of the children of a 44-year-old man killed in a head on collision. The settlement amount represented 100% of the insurance policy limits of the responsible driver and his employer, an amount Sullivan Brill demanded before the lawsuit was filed and adhered to throughout three years of litigation. “Although the settlement will not take ...
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  • Pedestrian death in car accident is related to vehicle speed

    || 3-Oct-2014

    It is estimated that more than 4,500 pedestrians are killed in vehicular accidents each year throughout the United States. The New York City Department of Transportation published statistics concluding that 70 percent of pedestrian deaths are caused by dangerous driver choices. Thus, a car accident involving a pedestrian fatality is generally caused by some form of driver recklessness. In addition ...
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  • Pedestrian critically injured in motor vehicle accident

    || 5-Sep-2014

    Being injured in a car accident can be life-changing, depending on how serious the injuries are. In addition to having to heal from their injuries, motor vehicle accident victims can easily struggle with the emotional distress caused by these types of accidents. One person was unfortunately injured in a recent New York car crash involving a pedestrian. The accident happened just before 10 a.m. on ...
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  • Fatal motor vehicle accident kills 2 in head-on crash on Thruway

    || 14-Aug-2014

    There has reportedly been a series of wrong-way crashes in the past year and a half on the New York State Thruway. The executive director of the Thruway authority confirmed that the authority, along with the New York State Police, are studying the situation. The executive director made his comments at a news conference held on the afternoon of Aug. 12 after a fatal motor vehicle accident took two ...
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  • GM may have known about car accident risk for certain vehicles

    || 25-Jul-2014

    The automaker giant General Motors is facing increased pressure from both lawmakers and the public. This scrutiny has intensified as it has come to light that the company may have known about the increased risk for a car accident in certain vehicles. New York readers have likely heard of the unfolding drama after GM recalled millions of vehicles because of a high risk of ignition shut-off with ...
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  • Brooklyn man killed in car accident after leaving local bar

    || 3-Jul-2014

    An employee at a local bar recently kept a man company in the final few hours of his life. Shortly after leaving the bar where he was reportedly a regular, a Brooklyn man was involved in a fatal car accident and died a short while later. Police were unable to apprehend the driver they suspected caused the accident until hours after the wreck. The accident occurred at almost 3 a.m., when a ...
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  • Pedestrian car accident deaths an ongoing problem in New York

    || 12-Jun-2014

    A teenager in Brooklyn was killed in an auto wreck on a recent Monday. The car accident occurred while he was crossing the street to board his school bus. Residents of the neighborhood pointed out that speeding is an ongoing issue in the area, but police have not confirmed whether speed played a factor in the tragic crash. Nevertheless, police suspect that the 14-year-old’s vision was ...
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  • Manhattan car accident injures 2, kills 1

    || 23-May-2014

    Typically, pedestrians are at risk of being involved in a car accident in Manhattan. There's only so much space. The serious injuries (or worse) that typically accompany a pedestrian versus car accident are generally tragic and life-altering. This is the case in a recent collision. According to reports, a driver was recently charged with murder regarding a crash that led to a death in a local ...
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  • Child dies in Brooklyn auto accident

    || 7-May-2014

    A young child lost her life in a Brooklyn car accident just after she left church services on a recent Sunday evening. The horrific accident occurred at approximately 7 p.m. in Canarsie, at the corner of Remsen and Avenue N. Residents from the area claim that the auto accident, which involved multiple vehicles, was the worst they had ever witnessed. The 9-year-old girl was lifeless at the accident ...
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  • Car accident fatality numbers are worse than many people realize

    || 24-Apr-2014

    Numerous dangers exist for drivers on Brooklyn roadways, regardless of their age, and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) traffic death statistics reflect this fact. Nevertheless, there are many car accident fatalities that are not included in the annual NHTSA death toll that drivers normally look at. These accidents commonly occur off the roads, on private roadways and/or in ...
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  • 9 hurt in brooklyn car accident with special needs school bus

    || 14-Mar-2014

    A special needs school bus was involved in an accident with a taxicab. The force of the car accident, which occurred in Brooklyn on a recent Monday afternoon, caused the special needs school bus to flip over onto its side. Nine individuals were injured in the crash, including some of the special needs children who were riding in the bus. A total of six children suffered minor injuries, which ...
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  • Fatal car accident leads to indictment by grand jury

    || 27-Feb-2014

    Investigations into a New York fatal car accident can often take several days, weeks, or even months. Police investigators will examine the scene of the accident, talk to witnesses, interview survivors of the accident and possibly even create a model of the accident. After all the evidence has been collected, it is usually turned over to the grand jury to decide whether or not an indictment should ...
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  • Fatal car accident in Brooklyn claims elderly pedestrian

    || 15-Feb-2014

    As anyone in the New York City area knows, the dense population here means more cars on the road and a higher risk of serious or deadly accidents. This is why it is so important for everyone on the roadway to always be on alert and exercise caution. Sadly, a fatal car accident in Brooklyn recently claimed the life of an 80-year-old woman as she was trying to cross the street. The driver who struck ...
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  • New York man sentenced for fatal car crash

    || 9-Feb-2014

    It is a sad truth that accidents are simply a part of life. People all across the country are involved in car accidents every day, some experience minor fender benders while others are, sadly, involved in accidents that have more tragic outcomes. Recently, a New York man was charged and sentenced for his involvement in a multi-vehicle car crash that proved fatal for two individuals. The driver, a ...
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  • Fatal car accident on New Year's Day injures several

    || 7-Jan-2014

    New Year's is synonymous with New York for many. The biggest New Year's celebration in the country takes place here, after all, so it would stand to reason that its residents would take the celebration pretty seriously, even if they don't go to Times Square to ring it in with the tourists. Unfortunately, a little too much celebrating can have terrible consequences, from an inconvenient ...
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  • Car accident tests 911 system and ability of its operators

    || 1-Jan-2014

    Residents of New York are probably all too familiar with sirens. Ambulances and police cars are the first responders to a fender bender or a car accident. With a total population of over 8 million people, it is no surprise that these occurrences are frequent. With the propensity of them occurring, however, residents rely on the people manning the 911 banks to be quick and reliable. A recent ...
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  • Tragic car accident could lead to personal injury case

    || 18-Dec-2013

    A couple that was apparently wanted for questioning in connection with a recent shoplifting incident in New York were fleeing from authorities when they added to the list of crimes they were accused of committing. In their rush to get away, they allegedly caused a car accident. Two people are dead because of the accident, and another one is still in critical condition. According to reports, the ...
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  • Elderly woman may have personal injury claim

    || 12-Dec-2013

    Sunday afternoons are frequently known for errands. New York families are preparing for the week ahead, buying groceries, dropping off dry cleaning, washing their cars, picking up dog food at the pet store and running by the ATM for cash. The late afternoon hour may even be the dinner hour for some elderly citizens, however, and they may take to the roadways in search of early bird specials. The ...
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  • Fatal car crash could lead to personal injury case

    || 1-Dec-2013

    Some car accidents make a bigger impact that others. The impact is not always because of the number of casualties or the horrific details. Sometimes car accidents just seem more tragic because of how they hit loved ones. A recent accident in New York seems to have made a larger impact on the community than others, and perhaps will lead to at least one personal injury case. According to reports, a ...
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  • Brooklyn crash kills 1, injures 3: possible personal injury case

    || 12-Nov-2013

    New York roadways are some of the most complicated in the nation. They are busy, packed with cars, trucks, taxis, emergency vehicles, messenger couriers, pedestrians and others. Operating a vehicle recklessly or negligently can result in personal injury and sometimes even death. Even a vigilant driver can still be taken by surprise. Two drivers in Brooklyn recently experienced just that on a ...
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  • Car crash kills 1, injures 3: possible personal injury case?

    || 7-Nov-2013

    Driving a car is a serious task that requires concentration and focus. Distractions in the vehicle should be kept to a minimum, as surprises can arise at any moment, from animals and children darting into the road to distracted drivers making reckless decisions on the roadway. Operating such a heavy piece of machinery carelessly or haphazardly can result in personal injury and sometimes even ...
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