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Recent Posts in Compensation Category

  • Injured customers say weight loss remedy is dangerous product

    || 25-Aug-2014

    In New York and throughout the country, new weight loss supplements are always coming on the market, as other similar proposed remedies lose their initial interest and are withdrawn or fade away into obscurity. Many of those products have in the past been tainted with claims of one danger or another to human health. Recently, a flood of lawsuits has been unleashed against the maker of a weight ...
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  • GM may have known about car accident risk for certain vehicles

    || 25-Jul-2014

    The automaker giant General Motors is facing increased pressure from both lawmakers and the public. This scrutiny has intensified as it has come to light that the company may have known about the increased risk for a car accident in certain vehicles. New York readers have likely heard of the unfolding drama after GM recalled millions of vehicles because of a high risk of ignition shut-off with ...
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  • $2.8 million jury award in medical malpractice suit

    || 11-Apr-2014

    A family has been awarded approximately $2.88 million in financial compensation after winning a medical malpractice case. The family alleged that medical malpractice and negligence committed by a pain clinic and doctor led to the death of their son. Their son committed suicide in Feb. 2013. Although this case did not happen in New York, it does highlight the dangers and potential complications ...
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  • Fatal car accident in Brooklyn claims elderly pedestrian

    || 15-Feb-2014

    As anyone in the New York City area knows, the dense population here means more cars on the road and a higher risk of serious or deadly accidents. This is why it is so important for everyone on the roadway to always be on alert and exercise caution. Sadly, a fatal car accident in Brooklyn recently claimed the life of an 80-year-old woman as she was trying to cross the street. The driver who struck ...
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  • New York man sentenced for fatal car crash

    || 9-Feb-2014

    It is a sad truth that accidents are simply a part of life. People all across the country are involved in car accidents every day, some experience minor fender benders while others are, sadly, involved in accidents that have more tragic outcomes. Recently, a New York man was charged and sentenced for his involvement in a multi-vehicle car crash that proved fatal for two individuals. The driver, a ...
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  • New York woman hit and killed by drunk driver

    || 26-Jan-2014

    Despite the constant education provided to the public against the dangers of driving drunk, it is still a problem in cities all across the country. Many drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated seem to believe that they won't hurt anyone; however, the simple truth is that far too many people are hurt or killed by those who choose to drive while under the influence. Sadly, a recent ...
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  • Brooklyn car crash critically injures 3

    || 15-Jan-2014

    Some accidents leave authorities with more questions than they do answers. Other accidents are relatively simple to reconstruct. Such was not the case with a recent car crash in New York. Around 4:00 in the morning, a car on Highland Boulevard in the Highland Park area of Brooklyn apparently failed to negotiate a curve. The driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle then hit ...
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  • Fatal car accident on New Year's Day injures several

    || 7-Jan-2014

    New Year's is synonymous with New York for many. The biggest New Year's celebration in the country takes place here, after all, so it would stand to reason that its residents would take the celebration pretty seriously, even if they don't go to Times Square to ring it in with the tourists. Unfortunately, a little too much celebrating can have terrible consequences, from an inconvenient ...
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  • Car accident tests 911 system and ability of its operators

    || 1-Jan-2014

    Residents of New York are probably all too familiar with sirens. Ambulances and police cars are the first responders to a fender bender or a car accident. With a total population of over 8 million people, it is no surprise that these occurrences are frequent. With the propensity of them occurring, however, residents rely on the people manning the 911 banks to be quick and reliable. A recent ...
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  • Tragic car accident could lead to personal injury case

    || 18-Dec-2013

    A couple that was apparently wanted for questioning in connection with a recent shoplifting incident in New York were fleeing from authorities when they added to the list of crimes they were accused of committing. In their rush to get away, they allegedly caused a car accident. Two people are dead because of the accident, and another one is still in critical condition. According to reports, the ...
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  • Elderly woman may have personal injury claim

    || 12-Dec-2013

    Sunday afternoons are frequently known for errands. New York families are preparing for the week ahead, buying groceries, dropping off dry cleaning, washing their cars, picking up dog food at the pet store and running by the ATM for cash. The late afternoon hour may even be the dinner hour for some elderly citizens, however, and they may take to the roadways in search of early bird specials. The ...
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  • Fatal Bronx crash may result in personal injury case being filed

    || 5-Dec-2013

    Car crashes can often be labeled as both freak occurrences and tragic events. Oftentimes because of a driver's negligent actions, accidents have a propensity for leading to serious injuries and sometimes even death. A recent fatal car crash in New York may lead to a personal injury case. Two men were standing on a freeway, apparently inspecting a broken down car. It was not immediately clear ...
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  • Fatal car crash could lead to personal injury case

    || 1-Dec-2013

    Some car accidents make a bigger impact that others. The impact is not always because of the number of casualties or the horrific details. Sometimes car accidents just seem more tragic because of how they hit loved ones. A recent accident in New York seems to have made a larger impact on the community than others, and perhaps will lead to at least one personal injury case. According to reports, a ...
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  • Brooklyn crash kills 1, injures 3: possible personal injury case

    || 12-Nov-2013

    New York roadways are some of the most complicated in the nation. They are busy, packed with cars, trucks, taxis, emergency vehicles, messenger couriers, pedestrians and others. Operating a vehicle recklessly or negligently can result in personal injury and sometimes even death. Even a vigilant driver can still be taken by surprise. Two drivers in Brooklyn recently experienced just that on a ...
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  • Car crash kills 1, injures 3: possible personal injury case?

    || 7-Nov-2013

    Driving a car is a serious task that requires concentration and focus. Distractions in the vehicle should be kept to a minimum, as surprises can arise at any moment, from animals and children darting into the road to distracted drivers making reckless decisions on the roadway. Operating such a heavy piece of machinery carelessly or haphazardly can result in personal injury and sometimes even ...
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