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Recent Posts in Defective Product Category


    || 9-Nov-2016

    After losing three straight trials in a St. Louis trial court, Johnson & Johnson filed a request that the cases be moved to another court. Three different St. Louis juries in the past year have returned verdicts in excess of $50 million against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn consumers that genital use of its talc powder increased the risk of ovarian cancer. Rather than accepting ...
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    || 31-Oct-2016

    In the past two months, there have been three significant developments in the talc powder litigation pending in state and federal court.. First, on September 2, 2016, a New Jersey judge dismissed 200 cases pending against Johnson & Johnson in state court. The judge found that the plaintiff’s experts did not reliably establish the connection between the perineal use of talc powder and ...
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  • Product liability case involving backyard cable car is settled

    || 15-Jul-2014

    Under the law of product liability, which applies in all states including New York, a manufacturer or distributor of a product that is defective and unreasonably dangerous to the intended user, is strictly liable in tort to the injured user for personal injuries. That is the rule of strict liability that generally is applied in most product liability cases for damages suffered from a defective ...
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  • Dangerous drugs: Manufacturing giant recalls over 9,000 bottles

    || 17-Apr-2014

    The foreign drug manufacturer, Lupin Ltd., has decided to recall 9,210 bottles of the drug called Suprax. The recalled bottles of Suprax failed to pass various purity tests performed in the United States, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Although the defective products are alleged to be harmless by the manufacturer, purity tests are performed for the reason of identifying and ...
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  • Combi USA Issues Recall of Child Safety Seats

    || 6-Jan-2014

    Today, Combi USA, Inc., at the insistence of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), issued a recall of three models of child car seats manufactured between January of 2009 and December of 2012 because the restraint straps could fail in an accident. The involved models are: Combi Coccoro Child Restraint, Model Number: 8220, Manufacture Dates: January 6, 2009 - December ...
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