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Recent Posts in Liability Category

  • Pedestrian critically injured in motor vehicle accident

    || 5-Sep-2014

    Being injured in a car accident can be life-changing, depending on how serious the injuries are. In addition to having to heal from their injuries, motor vehicle accident victims can easily struggle with the emotional distress caused by these types of accidents. One person was unfortunately injured in a recent New York car crash involving a pedestrian. The accident happened just before 10 a.m. on ...
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  • GM may have known about car accident risk for certain vehicles

    || 25-Jul-2014

    The automaker giant General Motors is facing increased pressure from both lawmakers and the public. This scrutiny has intensified as it has come to light that the company may have known about the increased risk for a car accident in certain vehicles. New York readers have likely heard of the unfolding drama after GM recalled millions of vehicles because of a high risk of ignition shut-off with ...
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  • Manhattan car accident injures 2, kills 1

    || 23-May-2014

    Typically, pedestrians are at risk of being involved in a car accident in Manhattan. There's only so much space. The serious injuries (or worse) that typically accompany a pedestrian versus car accident are generally tragic and life-altering. This is the case in a recent collision. According to reports, a driver was recently charged with murder regarding a crash that led to a death in a local ...
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  • New York man sentenced for fatal car crash

    || 9-Feb-2014

    It is a sad truth that accidents are simply a part of life. People all across the country are involved in car accidents every day, some experience minor fender benders while others are, sadly, involved in accidents that have more tragic outcomes. Recently, a New York man was charged and sentenced for his involvement in a multi-vehicle car crash that proved fatal for two individuals. The driver, a ...
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  • New York woman hit and killed by drunk driver

    || 26-Jan-2014

    Despite the constant education provided to the public against the dangers of driving drunk, it is still a problem in cities all across the country. Many drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated seem to believe that they won't hurt anyone; however, the simple truth is that far too many people are hurt or killed by those who choose to drive while under the influence. Sadly, a recent ...
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