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Recent Posts in Medical Malpractice Category

  • Failure to diagnose terminal cancer may be medical malpractice

    || 21-Sep-2014

    Failing to diagnose cancer is a relatively common claim in medical malpractice cases, both in New York and across the country. Generally, the case involves the death of the patient after an extended time in which no treatment took place because the doctor misdiagnosed the condition or failed to diagnose it. By negligently failing to find something that other doctors in the same situation would ...
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  • Brain-injured child gets settlement in medical malpractice case

    || 20-Aug-2014

    Occasionally, in New York or another state, the defendants in medical negligence cases admit liability and focus on the process of trying to minimize the amount of the damages to be paid. In cases where there is gross negligence or a dramatic injury to a sympathetic patient, the strategy generally pays off by keeping a good part of the facts of the medical malpractice away from the jury’s ...
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  • Doctors: Medical malpractice claim of penis removal is false

    || 6-Aug-2014

    In New York or elsewhere, when a medical malpractice case is highly unusual and even shocking to the senses, it may potentially go viral or at least get some national attention. That seems to be the situation developing in one medical malpractice filing in which the plaintiff accuses two doctors and a hospital of negligently cutting off his penis instead of giving him the simple circumcision that ...
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  • Doctors admit surgical errors: left sponge in patient's body

    || 27-Jul-2014

    Medical malpractice in New York and all other jurisdictions is based on the idea that when a medical provider causes personal injury or death to a patient by administering substandard professional care, the provider is legally liable for the value of the losses the patient suffers. Surgical errors represent a large source of such claims. The kinds of surgical errors that happen are virtually ...
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  • $16.7 million medical malpractice award for missed diagnosis

    || 9-Jul-2014

    In New York as well as every other jurisdiction, medical malpractice is based on a finding that the doctor or other health care provider was negligent under the circumstances. It must be proved that the defendant’s services fell below the minimum standard of care recognized by the doctor’s peers in the community. Even if negligence is proved, the patient must then prove causation in ...
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  • $2.8 million jury award in medical malpractice suit

    || 11-Apr-2014

    A family has been awarded approximately $2.88 million in financial compensation after winning a medical malpractice case. The family alleged that medical malpractice and negligence committed by a pain clinic and doctor led to the death of their son. Their son committed suicide in Feb. 2013. Although this case did not happen in New York, it does highlight the dangers and potential complications ...
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  • Hospital defends medical malpractice case, says no causation

    || 13-Feb-2014

    The standard to be determined in a medical malpractice case is one of negligence. The question is whether the physician or medical providers fell below the minimally accepted standard of care recognized by like practitioners in the community under similar circumstances. If the answer is that they did, the inquiry is not finished. Even though the medical providers may have been careless, it must ...
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  • Single mom sues hospital and doctors for personal injury

    || 22-Nov-2013

    Hospitals are seen as places of healing. Doctors take an oath to care for their patients, and to heal them when they are injured or sick. If and when surgery is necessary, patients rely on doctors to remedy the situation. Some people in New York might be wondering if doctors at a local hospital should retain their licenses. A woman filed a personal injury suit against the doctors who cared for her ...
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