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Recent Posts in Personal Injury Category

  • Doctors admit surgical errors: left sponge in patient's body

    || 27-Jul-2014

    Medical malpractice in New York and all other jurisdictions is based on the idea that when a medical provider causes personal injury or death to a patient by administering substandard professional care, the provider is legally liable for the value of the losses the patient suffers. Surgical errors represent a large source of such claims. The kinds of surgical errors that happen are virtually ...
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  • Lawsuit Alleges Carnival Cruise Aware of Fire Risks

    || 26-Dec-2013

    A lawsuit accuses Carnival Cruise Lines of knowing about fire risks before the Carnival Triumph set sail earlier this year. The Triumph made headlines when a February 10th hose leak fire broke out in engine No. 6. The ship, according to The Associated Press (AP), was returning from Mexico when the fire disabled the vessel. The lawsuit alleges that Carnival knew about leak risks and recommended ...
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  • Single mom sues hospital and doctors for personal injury

    || 22-Nov-2013

    Hospitals are seen as places of healing. Doctors take an oath to care for their patients, and to heal them when they are injured or sick. If and when surgery is necessary, patients rely on doctors to remedy the situation. Some people in New York might be wondering if doctors at a local hospital should retain their licenses. A woman filed a personal injury suit against the doctors who cared for her ...
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  • Larger Cruise Ships may be Tied to Larger Problems

    || 20-Nov-2013

    Today's cruise ships are being built larger and larger and, following a series of disasters at sea, lawmakers are wondering if their increasingly massive size is to blame. For example, according to a The New York Times report, in 1985, the Carnival Holiday, was a 46,000-ton ship; in 2003, the Queen Mary 2 was triple that size; and, in 2013, two of the largest ships are 225,000 tons. In 2012, ...
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