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Recent Posts in Truck Accidents Category

  • Pedestrian in New York injured in commercial vehicle accident

    || 31-Jan-2014

    It is well known that New York is a city full of pedestrians. With the number of pedestrians on city streets continuing to increase, the number of auto-pedestrian accidents are also on the rise. Sadly, these accidents often leave their victims with life-changing injuries. This was certainly the case for a pedestrian recently injured in a commercial vehicle accident. A 63-year-old woman was ...
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  • Tragedy occurs in New York truck accident

    || 26-Dec-2013

    The end of the year brings a time for giving thanks and celebrating. Many students consider at least one of their teachers to be something they are grateful for, and so many gifts find their way to schools around the nation as children express their fondness for them. One New York family is grieving after their son was recently struck and killed in a truck accident while he was taking his present ...
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