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Car crash kills 1, injures 3: possible personal injury case?

Driving a car is a serious task that requires concentration and focus. Distractions in the vehicle should be kept to a minimum, as surprises can arise at any moment, from animals and children darting into the road to distracted drivers making reckless decisions on the roadway. Operating such a heavy piece of machinery carelessly or haphazardly can result in personal injury and sometimes even death. Even a vigilant driver can only control what goes on in his or her own car, leaving a lot to chance, as one driver in New York experienced after a recent car accident.

The driver, a man in an SUV, was reportedly making a turn when he lost control of his vehicle. He hit three cars and ended up on the curb. In the process he hit four pedestrians, pinning one young boy and a dog under the SUV.

The boy was declared dead at the scene. The decedent's younger brother, his mother and another woman were all sent to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. At last report, law enforcement was still investigating this New York car accident and it wasn't clear whether criminal charges would be filed.

Fortunately, the law allows for civil litigation when there is evidence of negligence or reckless and dangerous driving. Any personal injury compensation awarded for a successfully litigated case could ease the victim's pain and suffering while helping to cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages and any necessary rehabilitation. Similarly, if a family member was killed in a traffic accident, the surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for the medical, financial and personal suffering incurred.

Source:, Fort Greene Car Crash Kills 9-Year-Old-Boy, Injures Three Others, Janet Upadhye, Jess Wisloski and Claire Cameron, Nov. 3, 2013