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Single mom sues hospital and doctors for personal injury

Hospitals are seen as places of healing. Doctors take an oath to care for their patients, and to heal them when they are injured or sick. If and when surgery is necessary, patients rely on doctors to remedy the situation. Some people in New York might be wondering if doctors at a local hospital should retain their licenses. A woman filed a personal injury suit against the doctors who cared for her after a recent surgery cost her both her legs below the knees.

The woman had an ectopic pregnancy. During a routine procedure, doctors punctured her colon. She then developed gangrene and suffered blood poisoning. This also led to an extended stay in the intensive care unit, hearing loss, multiple amputations and other injuries.

The woman and her family will feel the effect of this injury for the rest of their lives. She and her daughter live with her parents, as she is not capable of caring for her daughter on her own. She is not able to work full time and she is not fully mobile. Her parents and her lawyer contend that she may never fully recover.

The lawyers for the defense claim that the doctors did everything within their power to improve the woman's condition. In fact, they contend that she would have died if they had not listened to her complaints. They have gone so far as to call it "lifesaving care."

Unfortunately, the plaintiff's life is now full of pain and codependence. Thankfully, New York law protects those who feel they have been a victim of medical malpractice. The amount the woman is seeking in her claim of personal injury is not immediately clear. However, if she establishes liability to the satisfaction of the jury, then the damages she is seeking for pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages will be awarded to her.

Source: New York Daily News, Woman lost legs because of LI hospital's negligence, lawyer tells Brooklyn jury, John Marzulli, Nov. 4, 2013