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Fatal car accident leads to indictment by grand jury

Investigations into a New York fatal car accident can often take several days, weeks, or even months. Police investigators will examine the scene of the accident, talk to witnesses, interview survivors of the accident and possibly even create a model of the accident. After all the evidence has been collected, it is usually turned over to the grand jury to decide whether or not an indictment should be issued. Recently, a New York grand jury did decide to issue an indictment in the case of a 2013 New Years Eve fatal car accident.

According to records, the driver, who has now been arrested, was driving north on State Route 34/96. He was unable to control his vehicle and crossed over into oncoming traffic. As he was attempting to regain control, his Monte Carlo collided with a Jeep Cherokee that was heading south along the same road.

The passenger in the Monte Carlo died as a result of the accident. Additionally, a passenger in the Jeep was also killed. Both of the drivers and the other passenger in the Jeep were injured and required medical attention. Upon completing their investigation, New York police then turned the case over to the grand jury.

The grand jury has now issued an indictment for the arrest of the gentleman who was driving the Monte Carlo. Although, the victim's families are now assured that he will have to answer for his actions, they are still left to grieve and deal with the financial repercussions of this fatal car accident. It is possible that they will decide to file civil claims for injuries and wrongful death.

Source:, Man arrested for New Years Eve double fatal accident, Amy Khuu, Feb. 24, 2014