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Brooklyn car crash critically injures 3

Some accidents leave authorities with more questions than they do answers. Other accidents are relatively simple to reconstruct. Such was not the case with a recent car crash in New York.

Around 4:00 in the morning, a car on Highland Boulevard in the Highland Park area of Brooklyn apparently failed to negotiate a curve. The driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle then hit a tree at such an angle and with such force that it trapped all three passengers and the driver inside of it.

Early responders to the accident were able to extricate the driver and the passengers from the vehicle. All four individuals were sent to two different local hospitals for treatment for their injuries. At last report, three of the four were listed in critical condition.

Investigators were still investigating the cause of the accident. At last report, they had not indicated any factors that might have contributed to the crash. As happens with many such accidents, authorities may be considering speed, weather conditions, alcohol and drugs as possible factors in the car crash; they may be working with crime scene consultants as well to attempt to gain more understanding of what lead up to the moment of the car crash, as authorities sometimes do when an accident leaves so few clues. If a driver's negligent actions lead to a car crash that injures a resident of New York, that resident has the right under state law to pursue financial compensation for any financial distress that has been brought on by the careless actions of another.

Source: NY Daily News, Car crash injures 4 -- 3 critically -- in Brooklyn, Joseph Stepansky, Jan. 12, 2014