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Brooklyn man killed in car accident after leaving local bar

An employee at a local bar recently kept a man company in the final few hours of his life. Shortly after leaving the bar where he was reportedly a regular, a Brooklyn man was involved in a fatal car accident and died a short while later. Police were unable to apprehend the driver they suspected caused the accident until hours after the wreck.

The accident occurred at almost 3 a.m., when a 32-year-old man left a local bar. While driving a friend home, the two apparently stopped in to have a nightcap. According to the bartender, the man only had a single drink before he stepped outside, attempted to cross the street and was ultimately struck by an oncoming minivan.

The minivan was apparently speeding when, for some reason, it crossed over the center line of traffic and struck the pedestrian. Instead of stopping, the minivan sped off, and was later found abandoned less than a mile from the scene of the accident. Though the victim was rushed to a local area hospital, he ultimately succumbed to the injuries that he sustained in the accident, and died.

The driver accused of committing the hit-and-run car accident was ultimately tracked down at his home and arrested on charges of driving without a license and leaving the scene of a fatal car accident. Sadly, accidents such as this can produce unexpected costs, such as funeral expenses or even medical bills incurred during attempted life-saving procedures. The family of this Brooklyn victim might be feeling the weight of those costs upon their shoulders; and in order to seek legal and financial recourse to abate some of those expenses, they can pursue a wrongful death claim. Though not necessary to pursue this type of civil claim, any evidence utilized for the driver’s criminal charges might play an important role in the successful litigation of a wrongful death claim.