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9 hurt in brooklyn car accident with special needs school bus

A special needs school bus was involved in an accident with a taxicab. The force of the car accident, which occurred in Brooklyn on a recent Monday afternoon, caused the special needs school bus to flip over onto its side. Nine individuals were injured in the crash, including some of the special needs children who were riding in the bus.

A total of six children suffered minor injuries, which involved bumps and bruises. Three adults suffered serious injuries. At the time of the crash, the bus had been returning children home after visiting the Academy of Environmental Leadership.

A witness, who apparently saw the accident, reported that the impact of the crash was powerful. The witness assisted rescuers in extricating the injured children from the flipped over bus, saying that accidents always happened at the particular corner involved in the crash. The witness further remarked that accidents on the corner tend to happen because of speeding drivers, although it is not known if authorities charged anyone in this crash with speeding yet.

It is also unknown if the driver of the taxicab or the driver of the bus were faulted in the crash. Nevertheless, it is likely that all of the injured victims involved in this Brooklyn car accident will have potential personal injury claims against whoever is deemed responsible. Injured victims of this crash, who were forced to incur the cost of emergency medical services, may be able to recover those costs -- and other financial damages associated with the crash -- by filing civil actions in court.

Source: NBC New York, School Bus Flips Over With Children Inside, 9 Hurt, Gus Rosendale, March 11, 2014