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Porsche recalls its GT3 for motor vehicle defect

Brooklyn Porsche aficionados may be interested to hear of a recall that was put in place with regard to the 911 GT3. According to Porsche engineers, the vehicle contains defects that could cause it to spontaneously burst into flames. More specifically, the motor vehicle defect relates to the sports car's engine.

Engineers report that a loose rod in the GT3 engine will eventually cause lubrication to leak into the hot engine compartment. The leaking lubrication has already caused two Porsches to burst into flames. No car accidents and no injuries were caused by these fires, but engineers deemed that the defects were severe enough to warrant a recall.

At this time, GT3 owners have been advised to cease driving their cars immediately. Porsche has asked drivers to arrange for their vehicles to be picked up to have the engine replaced. In total, 784 of these high-end luxury vehicles will be affected by the recall. Fortunately, approximately 204 have yet to be delivered to United States customers; therefore, the engine replacement can be performed prior to delivery.

Porsche, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group, is acting appropriately to curb the risk of injury by correcting the motor vehicle defect immediately. However, not all defects of this type are discovered before a serious or fatal injury occurs. Family members of drivers who are killed -- and drivers who are injured -- because of a motor vehicle defect, will have the right to pursue wrongful death and/or personal injury claims against the manufacturer responsible. Each case like this is different, but sometimes a manufacturer will be named along with a negligent driver who caused the accident. For example, injuries caused by a negligent driver in Brooklyn could be made worse due to a defect associated with a vehicle's airbags or other safety equipment.

Source: CNN Money, Porsche to replace GT3 engines due to fire risk, Peter Valdes-Dapena, March 18, 2014