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Fatal motor vehicle accident in Westchester

A motorcycle enthusiast has become the fatal victim of an accident along a parkway in Westchester on a recent Sunday. Allegedly, the New York motor vehicle accident was caused be a preceding accident, when a different motorcyclist struck a car in the rear. The impact of the first crash caused the car to lose control and collide with the motorcyclist who was killed.

The motorcyclist that rear-ended the car had been riding with a band of other motorbike enthusiasts, about 12 in all, when the impact occurred. The driver of the car ended up striking a guard rail, spun out and collided with the fatally injured rider, whose motorbike burst into flames. The first motorcyclist suffered critical injuries that required treatment at the Westchester County Hospital. The driver of the car escaped with only minor injuries.

Information regarding the identity of the deceased motorcyclist is limited. So far, authorities have only said that he was 38 years of age and from New Jersey. Following the accident, authorities closed the Sprain Brook Parkway in order to conduct their investigation into how the accident occurred. It was expected to reopen later that day.

The loss of this man will be suffered by his family, friends and anyone else he was close to. The pain of losing a loved one in a sudden accident like this is tremendous, and New York families who have had to endure such a loss know that the healing process takes time. If this man’s immediate family chooses to investigate the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death action in this matter, it may help them to achieve a sense of closure regarding the motor vehicle accident. If brought to a successful resolution, they may be able to recover money for funeral expenses, lost family income and other financial damages they have suffered due to the sudden loss of their dear one.