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Pedestrian critically injured in motor vehicle accident

Being injured in a car accident can be life-changing, depending on how serious the injuries are. In addition to having to heal from their injuries, motor vehicle accident victims can easily struggle with the emotional distress caused by these types of accidents. One person was unfortunately injured in a recent New York car crash involving a pedestrian.

The accident happened just before 10 a.m. on a Thursday. It happened when a woman, age 66, was resting on her cane. As she was going across a street via a crosswalk near a hospital, a minivan driven by a man struck her, police said.

The minivan was turning left onto another road at the time of the crash. Hospitals rushed to help her following the accident. Witnesses said they saw the woman fly up into the air and fall back down before going under the rear area of the vehicle. The rear wheels then ended up running over the woman's legs, they said. The woman was taken to the hospital, where her condition was considered serious.

In this case, the man who allegedly hit the female pedestrian may be held financially responsible for her critical injuries. The injured party reserves the right to sue the man, seeking financial damages that may help to cover her hospital bill and other accident related losses. Any awarded damages might also help with addressing pain and suffering resulting from the motor vehicle accident. Liability needs to be established via competent proof of negligence before a judge will rule in the injury victim's favor in New York.

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