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Understanding How and Why Drunk Driving Accidents Still Happen

Posted by Unknown | Aug 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

The world already knows the severe consequences of drunk driving, yet these accidents still happen each year. This leaves many people wondering why these types of avoidable collisions in New York, and all over the country still occur despite widespread knowledge of the dangers. In reality, the answer is complicated and depends on various factors. Looking at the effects of alcohol is one way to find out, but so are the reasons people drive drunk. Consider talking to a New York drunk driving accident attorney if you suffered injuries from a drunk driver anywhere in the state.

Ways Alcohol Affects Driving

At each level of alcohol content, a person's driving skills become worse. There are specific reasons for this and when you look at them, you start to understand how alcohol impairs driving. One of the first effects of alcohol on driving is decreased visual skills.

At a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.02, people may have trouble accurately tracking objects with their eyes. Street signs, pedestrians, and other vehicles on the road may become harder to keep up with. One of the key skills that also decreases at this level is multi-tasking. Driving is a huge multi-tasking thing to do. You have to:

  • Notice where other drivers are
    How Do Drunk Driving Accidents Happen?
  • Check your three mirrors
  • Check blind spots
  • Stop and go at the right times
  • Keep a good distance from other drivers
  • Use turn signals

At a BAC level of 0.05, driving becomes affected by less coordination, difficulty steering, and even lower visual tracking skills. This means your ability to follow objects while driving becomes even slower. Something as simple as this can easily lead to misperceiving what other drivers are doing.

Once a driver reaches the legal limit of 0.08 BAC, the ability to control speed diminishes, information processing decreases, and perception is altered. At this point, drivers are more likely to make serious mistakes.

Why Do People Drink While Driving?

Nearly 85% of drunk driving happens after an episode of binge drinking. However, this is just one statistic. When it comes to figuring out why people drive drunk, the answers are more complicated than that. You can know that males between the ages of 16 to 20 drive drunk more often, but there are other factors involved.

Peer pressure and how drunk a person is before driving can also play a role. If someone has been binge drinking, their judgment is significantly diminished. This means they are more easily peer pressured into driving. When you ask a drunk person to drive you home, the chances of them saying yes are higher.

Consider contacting a car accident lawyer if you suffered major injuries from a drunk driver. A lawyer can help you find the evidence you need.

New York Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

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