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Jaymark Hawlader

A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Jay Hawlader's commitment to law has always been rooted in a deep desire to assist those in need. Specializing in car accident and slip and fall cases, Jay seamlessly channels his love for negotiation into tireless advocacy on behalf of his clients. He recognizes that even seemingly minor incidents, like car crashes, can profoundly affect one's life, and he takes pride in delivering results that help clients navigate these challenges.

Jay's journey in law has been diverse, commencing with immigration law, then advocating for sexual assault victims. This breadth of experience has solidified his dedication to representing the working class, steering clear of big corporate interests.

Outside of work, Jay extends his commitment to mentorship. As the co-chair of the Student Outreach Committee of the Asian American Bar Association of New York, he dedicates time to guide students from all backgrounds in their pursuit of law. Whether it's supporting them through the complexities of law school or helping them understand the steps necessary to pursue a legal education, Jay's passion for mentorship mirrors his professional dedication.

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