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By their very nature, swimming pools are areas prone to accidents. Whether they are indoor or outdoor, they provide slippery surfaces, heights to fall from, and water conditions are usually not fit for all swimmers and ages. Both public and private pool owners are obligated to provide the necessary provisions to ensure that everyone using the pool has a safe environment and that the pool is properly secured when not in use.

If you or a loved one were hurt at a swimming pool that was not yours, then you may have the ground to seek compensation. For nearly 20 years, Sullivan & Brill, LLP has provided dedicated, aggressive, and thorough counsel to clients who needed relief following an injury. Our skilled and sought-after team has recovered millions for individuals and families who were subject to undue pain and suffering and looking to move on with their lives.

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Common Accidents & "Attractive Nuisance"

For both private and public pools, owners have a distinct duty to swimmers and visitors to ensure a safe environment. When they fail to do this, they not only place swimmers and visitors in harm's way, but can also make themselves liable for some injuries that could occur.

Common accidents associated with swimming pools include:

  • Diving board, water slide, or ladder injuries
  • Failure to provide proper monitoring (lifeguard)
  • Pool drain injuries
  • Failure to provide proper signage and safety devices

Swimming pools are also often subject to a legal concept called "attractive nuisance." This means that it is likely a pool could attract the attention of unattended children or other adults who do not know any better and pose a risk to them during off-hours. That is why pools need to be properly secured during times when they are not intended for use. If they are not, owners could still be held responsible for injuries that occur—even when those hurt were trespassing.

If you believe that any of these factors contributed to your injury, then we invite you to speak with our New York personal injury lawyers immediately. Contact us for a free consultation.

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