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What If My Child Suffered Injuries from a New York Defective Toy?

Posted by Unknown | Jun 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

Finding out your child was injured by a defective toy can be infuriating for many parents who thought they could trust the product they just invested their money in. Toys are not cheap and might continue rising in price depending on market demands. When you put that much money into a product that not only fails, but also harms your child, the last thing you want to do is have to pay for medical bills and other costs associated with the damages. Talk to a New York Product Liability Attorney to figure out whether you can file a New York City product liability claim for compensation.

Top New York Toy Recalls in the Past Year

Being aware of some of the most common New York toy recalls could potentially help you avoid injuries to your child in the future. All you have to do is briefly look through online product recall lists or search online for the

exact toy you are thinking about buying for your child and check for any recalls. If you find yourself skeptical, know that in 2018, around 226,100 injuries happened from toy-related accidents and defects.

Toy recalls happen when a product has a serious design flaw that makes every released version of that particular toy dangerous to consumers. This leads to toy companies removing all of those defective toys from store shelves, often after a series of injuries and lawsuits filed by families. Around 10 toys were identified recently that were considered dangerous and even deadly to consumers.

The Calico Critters Nursery Friends were two different toys aimed at young children that had small parts that posed serious choking hazards for children. A musical llama toy had screws that also posed choking hazards. Loose screws on a toy are one thing, but loose screws on a bicycle can lead to serious New York bicycle accidents. Other toys crack and cause injuries.

Can I Sue the New York Toy Company?

You might be able to file a New York product liability lawsuit against the toy company if one of three defects were found in the product and this is what caused your child's injuries. These three defects can exist either in the toy's manufacturing process, design, or marketing. Design defects typically lead to toy recalls because they exist in the actual blueprint of the toy.

Manufacturing defects may only happen with one or a few toys during the mass production process in the factory like loose screws or cracks that lead to fragile results. Marketing defects involve a lack of instructions for safe use or warning labels bout potential hazards like small parts that can lead to choking if misused.

Rockland Product Liability Lawyer

Filing a product liability lawsuit can be intimidating when you are going up against a massive toy company. Contact Sullivan and Brill Law Firm at (212) 566-1000 to speak with a Rockland Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation. Our legal team of New York product liability attorneys can help you obtain compensation for any injuries your child suffered in addition to pain and suffering. We help clients throughout New York City, Long Island, Kings, Bronx, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland Counties, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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