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Excessive Force

New York City Lawyers Fighting Back Against Police Brutality

The police are allowed to use necessary force to apprehend, subdue, and arrest suspects. The key word beingnecessary . Sometimes cops go overboard in the heat of the moment or abuse their authority to dish out punishment, causing serious injury or even death. Police brutality by members of the New York Police Department is all too common, but it is a violation of civil rights under state and federal law. If you or a loved one suffered lasting harm because of physical abuse or intimidation by NYPD officers, you may have grounds to sue the City.

Our civil rights attorneys of Sullivan & Brill, LLP are committed to holding police accountable for brutality, excessive force, or unwarranted use of deadly force. We take pride in exposing abusive officers and helping victims obtain monetary damages for their medical care, lost income, lasting disability, and pain and suffering. We have a successful record of verdicts and settlements in these cases.

Protect Your Rights Against Unlawful Enforcement

While most police officers respect the constitutional boundaries placed upon them, there are a few bad apples that take advantage of an opportunity to mete out physical punishment with their fists, feet, or nightsticks. A suspect who runs from police, for instance, may be beaten once the officers catch up to him. Suspects who talk back to officers or assert their rights are often arrested without probable cause and occasionally roughed up. Adding insult to injury, individuals who challenge an officer's authority are frequently charged with resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer.

Law partners Steven Brill and Joseph Sullivan bring years of experience in criminal defense and personal injury litigation, giving us a distinct advantage over other firms in the area of civil rights litigation.

We can review your case for brutality or excessive use of force, such as:

  • Kicks to the head or face
  • Beating a handcuffed suspect
  • Chokeholds
  • Punitive use of Tasers or pepper spray
  • Failure to call off police dogs
  • Shooting an unarmed suspect

We work to obtain witness statements, video footage, hospital records, and other evidence of unwarranted physical force, including the results of NYPD internal investigations or independent investigations by other municipal, state or federal agencies.

Civil Rights Advocates Serving NYC Since 2001

It is critical to speak with an attorney immediately if you were the victim of police brutality. We will file notice within the statute of limitations to preserve your rights, and we can address any criminal charges relating to the incident that might prevent you from filing suit. We offer complimentary evaluations of your case so we can better understand the situation.

This allows us to build a strong strategy for your claim. If you are ready to take action against the individuals who have wronged you, contact Sullivan & Brill, LLP today. We are here to stand by your side every step of the way.

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