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New York City Truck Accident Lawyers

Box trucks, delivery trucks, and other trucks carrying large loads travel the streets of New York City every day. These trucks bring with them the potential for dangerous accidents and injuries to others. If you have been injured because of a commercial vehicle, the impact is probably substantial.

At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we are equipped to investigate the details of the accident and help you build a claim against the driver and his or her company. These claims help to provide the compensation you need to cover costly medical and treatment bills, as well as any repair costs you may have incurred from the accident. We also represent victims of 18 wheeler and tractor trailer accidents on highways and interstates throughout the area.

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Truck and commercial vehicle accidents are generally caused by factors that include unbalanced loads on the truck, fatigued or tired drivers, reckless driving, the truck following too close to another vehicle, a failure to look before changing lanes, a failure to adequately check blind spots, and other examples of distracted or inattentive driving. These are all negligent acts on behalf of the driver or the company. We fight to hold the responsible party accountable for their reckless behavior, and aim to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate and document the circumstances of the accident to show where fault and liability lie. Companies that own these trucks often go to great lengths to avoid liability, paying out as little as possible to individuals injured in the accident. You need a skilled lawyer on your side to pursue the claim and work to help you receive the just amount of compensation that you deserve.

To learn more about how we can help you recover maximum damages following a truck accident or an injury caused by a commercial vehicle, please contact a truck accident attorney at our New York law firm today.

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