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New York Product Liability Attorneys

Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Dangerous Products

When you purchase or utilize a product for its intended purpose, you have the right to believe it is safe to do so. Unfortunately, thousands of individuals are harmed each year by defective or dangerous products. These injuries can vary in severity and may include disability or even death. Whether the harmful product is a common household item, medical device, or a motor vehicle, negligent manufactures must be held accountable for the damages they cause.

At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, our New York product liability lawyers are fierce and determined litigators. If you have been injured as a result of a dangerous product, we can provide the aggressive representation you need to hold responsible parties accountable for the harms they created.

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We offer the comprehensive and zealous advocacy you require for a wide variety of product liability cases, including:

Comprehensive Representation for Complex Cases

Product liability cases can be complicated. Products rarely contain one single component and are usually comprised of several parts. Each of these parts, along with the final assembled product has their own manufacturing process and chain of supply. Our experienced product liability lawyers have the insight and the resources to thoroughly investigate and decipher all parties responsible for a dangerous product.

Sullivan & Brill, LLP can provide the comprehensive legal counsel required to pursue compensation from whoever may be responsible for your injuries, including:

  • Product manufacturer
  • Manufacturer of component parts
  • Parties that assembled or installed the product
  • Wholesaler
  • Retail establishment

Damages from Preventable Harm

Each year, many products are recalled once their unsafe nature is revealed. Sadly, there are still numerous hazardous products on the market that have yet to be withdrawn. A product may be unsafe due to design flaws, faulty assembly, improper instructions, or inadequate safety warnings. Whatever the cause of the danger, they are usually the result of negligence or disregard and, therefore, preventable.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a dangerous product, our New York personal injury attorneys can provide the personal and aggressive representation you need to achieve the maximum compensation possible.

Sullivan & Brill, LLP Stands Up For Consumers

For more than a decade, our team of lawyers has been passionate advocators for individuals harmed by another's negligence. We represent clients throughout New York City and surrounding areas as well as clients throughout the United States in mass tort litigation.

Sullivan & Brill, LLP is undaunted by the size or scope of our adversaries and dedicated to vigorously protecting the rights of our clients and other consumers. We undertake all our product liability cases on a contingency basis and receive no attorney fees unless we achieve a settlement.

Areas We Serve

Our firm serves clients throughout New York State, including New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Albany, Syracuse, and Long Island.

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