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Dram Shop Liability Attorneys in New York

Prosecuting Drunk Driving Claims for Injured Clients

Under New York state law, the owner and operator of an establishment that sells liquor has an obligation not to serve a person who is obviously intoxicated or underage. These dram shop laws provide a potential source of compensation if a patron of the establishment subsequently causes an injury or death.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm at the hands of a drunk driver or if a drunk patron has assaulted you, Sullivan & Brill, LLP can represent you. We provide vigorous representation in drunk driver accident lawsuits and other dram shop actions, designed to obtain full compensation for our clients' losses.

Strong Advocates for the Injured

For more than 10 years, our New York City personal injury lawyers at Sullivan & Brill, LLP have been helping victims of negligence obtain compensation for their losses and suffering. We have built our record of success on strong investigative and trial advocacy skills. When we handle your case, Sullivan & Brill, LLP will seek the best possible outcome for you.

Building a Strong and Effective Case

In a case involving a drunk driver accident or drunken assault, the liability of the serving establishment may seem obvious. This is not always the case. Such cases often require concerted investigative efforts to establish liability and to prove negligence under the law. Our attorneys understand the complex aspects of dram shop law and how to demonstrate negligence before the court. Sullivan & Brill, LLP will work tenaciously to build a strong and effective case for you.

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