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Metal On Metal Hip Replacement Problems

Hip Implant Failure, Metal Toxicity, and Other Complications

One of the key selling points of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems was better resistance to wear. Marketed to younger people with active lifestyles, patients flocked to these supposedly more durable hip replacements. Unfortunately for tens of thousands of recipients, manufacturers eager to cash in had not done their homework or were not forthcoming about known and serious complications. Recipients have experienced chronic pain and inflammation in the joint, audible clicking or squeaking sounds, difficulty standing or walking, groin pain, dislocation of the new hip, or loosening of the implant from the femur.

In addition to the painful and disabling symptoms of the failed device, many recipients of metal-on-metal hip implants have developed metallosis, degenerative damage in surrounding bone and soft tissues from the toxic effects of heavy metal ions (cobalt and chromium) released by the metal ball and socket grinding together. The damage means some patients are no longer candidates for new implants, including many recipients in their 50s and 60s who will never enjoy the promised lifestyle.

Instead of a hip that is supposed to last 15 years or more, an unusually high number of patients have required revision surgery within 5 years to replace the defective device with a different implant. They have no choice but to endure the risks and hardships of a second surgery, including rehab and lost time from work.

New York Lawyers for Hip Replacement Recalls

Dating back to 2000, the Food and Drug Administration has received more than 17,000 reports of device failure, metallosis, and other side effects of metal-on-metal hip systems. Leading medical journals have cautioned against metal-on-metal hips, denounced them outright, and encouraged recipients to be monitored annually for metallosis.

Only after several years and countless complaints of complications did manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip replacement and resurfacing implants begin to issue recalls.

Sullivan & Brill, LLP is currently investigating or pursuing lawsuits for recalled metal-on-metal implants, including:

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