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New York Construction Fall Injury Attorneys

Advocating for Injured Construction Workers

For construction and maintenance workers throughout New York City, falls are an inherent risk on the job. Employees working for smaller companies sometimes may have a difficult time seeking full compensation for their injuries. Our personal injury attorneys at Sullivan & Brill, LLP are committed to helping these individuals seek the compensation they need and deserve following a construction accident.

Our team has extensive experience advocating on behalf of workers who have fallen from heights and suffered serious injuries that cost them in medical bills as well as time lost from work. While workers' compensation covers some of these costs, there may be parties other than the employer who share in the responsibility for the fall. This could include a manufacturer of the ladder and scaffolding, as well as safety equipment or safeguards that should have prevented the fall. We will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine which parties share in the liability.

Often, the fault can be placed not only on the equipment, but on the operations of the construction team. Your employer may be held liable if the workers on the scaffolding equipment were not properly trained to use it, or were not properly supervised while using it. This, among many other factors, could a legitimate cause.

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While our lawyers handle all third-party liability matters, our firm works with other firms that handle workers' compensation matters. This allows us to work towards maximum recovery for your pain and suffering. We are committed to helping you recover the full extent of damages and compensation that you need and deserve following such accidents.

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