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Wright Conserve Hip Replacement Recall

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There is a growing consensus in the medical industry that any benefits of metal-on-metal hip implants are outweighed by the risks of premature failure of the device and adverse health effects such as metallosis and osteolysis. Unfortunately, this conclusion comes too late for thousands of patients, including those who received artificial hips made by Wright Medical Technology Inc.

A federal court in Georgia has consolidated the numerous lawsuits already pending over defects of the Wright Conserve hip replacement system. If you or a family member received a Wright hip implant and experienced chronic problems or revision surgery, you may have grounds for a lawsuit as well.

Has there been a recall?

To date, Wright Medical Technology has not recalled its hip replacement systems. Nonetheless, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has fielded hundreds of complaints and numerous lawsuits have been filed in federal jurisdictions throughout the United States.

The complaints have involved:

  • Wright Conserve acetabular systems
  • Wright Dynasty hip resurfacing systems
  • Wright Profemur femoral systems

When it first came to market, Wright contended that its hip systems were not prone to tissue damage, loosening and other problems that had plagued other metal-on-metal hip implants. But Wright's system was based on the same basic technology and was "fast-tracked" without clinical testing under the FDA's 510(k) expedited pre-marketing approval process.

In the end, patients have complained of similar problems and failures:

  • Revision rates much higher than other implants
  • Chronic pain or inflammation in the joint
  • Creaking or popping sounds
  • Inability to walk or bear weight
  • Metallosis (chromium and cobalt poisoning)
  • Bone loss or softening of surrounding tissues

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