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New York Scaffolding Accident Lawyers

Injured on Scaffolding in New York City?

New York state has some of the nation's most stringent laws protecting the rights of workers who have been injured on construction sites. In particular, New York Labor Law Section 240 confers strict liability on property owners in cases involving falls from scaffolds, ladders, and elevated positions. The law also applies in accident cases involving falling construction debris, tools, and other objects.

If you have suffered a construction injury involving a scaffold or ladder, or if you have been injured in any other type of construction site accident, you should retain the services of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Strong Advocates for Injured Construction Workers

Sullivan & Brill, LLP is a team of experienced trial attorneys that work tenaciously on behalf of injured construction workers and families of fatal accident victims. Our success has been built on careful case preparation, a readiness to go to trial, and strong advocacy skills. When we handle your case, we will seek maximum compensation for you.

While Section 240 levels the playing field for construction workers, there can be complex factual and legal issues that can complicate the picture such as:

  • Who really owns the property on which the accident occurred?
  • What types of medical care and rehabilitation services does the accident victim need?
  • Was a third party (such as an equipment supplier or subcontractor) responsible for the accident?
  • Did the worker's employer violate a safety regulation?

Our attorneys are skilled at investigating these issues, answering these questions, and maximizing our clients' compensation. Sullivan & Brill, LLP will be in your corner every step of the way. We understand the hardships you are currently facing, and we are dedicated to helping you move forward with your life as smoothly as possible after an injury.

For a free consultation about a scaffolding injury case, contact Sullivan & Brill, LLP. We serve clients throughout the New York metropolitan area, including Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

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