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Defective & Dangerous Drug Attorney in New York City

Each year, the pharmaceutical industry collects more than $319 billion dollars in sales revenue. While much of this revenue is garnered through the sales of safe and effective drugs, many of the drugs that come to market are unsafe, and sometimes, deadly. The frenzied pursuit of profits has led some drug companies to rush products to market and they are reluctant to pull dangerous medications out of the marketplace.

Have you or a loved one suffered the devastating aftermath of a defective or dangerous drug? Our experienced New York City personal injury attorneys have successfully litigated a wide range of significant cases involving personal injury and product liability, including defective pharmaceuticals. Whether the drug has already been recalled or is presently under inquiry, we can provide the vigorous and assertive advocacy you require for the maximum compensation possible.

Our firm is currently constructing or presenting aggressive litigation for victims of various dangerous medications, including:

If you have suffered harmful side effects from any of the above listed drugs, contact Sullivan & Brill, LLP immediately for further information!

United Prescription Drug Litigation

The pharmaceutical industry is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which mandates comprehensive testing and research to certify the safety of any prescription drug before it is approved. If the drug demonstrates any type of side effect, the company is required to disclose this information to the FDA, doctors, pharmacists, and consumers. Unfortunately, the possibility for massive profits can often override a drug company's duty to public safety and cause them to hide or falsify research results. If it is later proven that the pharmaceutical company was aware of potential adverse reactions and did not disclose or warn about them, they may be subject to liability and held responsible for injuries.

Dangerous or defective drugs rarely have only one victim. Often it is thousands of individuals who file suit against a drug manufacturer seeking compensation for their injuries. These claims most often are consolidated before one federal judge. Known as multidistrict litigation (MDL), it allows individuals to form a united and formidable front against a multi-billion dollar drug corporation.

Sullivan & Brill, LLP is currently involved in numerous MDL cases involving dangerous or defective drugs. If you or a loved one has suffered significant and damaging side effects from any pharmaceutical product, chances are you are not alone!

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