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Injuries Cause by New York Correction Officers

New York Prisoner Abuse Attorneys

There is a culture of brutality occurring at Rikers Island in New York City and the acts of brutality are being committed by correctional officers against the inmates. According to The New York Times, "over an 11-month period last year, 129 inmates suffered serious injuries, ones beyond the capacity of doctors at the jail's clinics to treat, in altercations with correction department staff members."

Even more troubling is the fact that correction officers at Rikers Island are covering up the assaults and attempting to intimidate inmates from filing a prisoner abuse claim. Our New York City lawyers for prisoner abuse claims will not be intimidated. We work to hold individuals responsible for beatings and abuse of inmates accountable, and help the victims of this abuse receive the compensation they deserve.

We are Committed to Helping Victims of Prisoner Abuse

Sullivan & Brill, LLP recognizes that prisoners – no matter what they have been charged with – have rights under state law and the US Constitution. Correction officers, just like police officers, have a duty and responsibility to act reasonably and within the bounds of the law in the course of their job. They have a duty to refrain from the use of excessive force and unreasonable conduct when interacting with an inmate. When correction officers ignore an inmate's basic rights, they can, and should, be held responsible for the harm their improper and illegal conduct causes.

Let Our Experienced Legal Team Evaluate Your Case

Our experienced prisoner abuse attorneys at Sullivan & Brill, LLP will investigate your claim and provide representation for any prisoner who wishes to file a claim of abuse against individuals who are responsible for abuse. There is a small window of time to bring a claim against the City of New York or the Department of Corrections so contact our firm as soon as possible.

Sullivan & Brill, LLP offers free consultations for victims who may have a claim for prisoner abuse. If you or a loved one has been a victim of prisoner abuse, it is important to speak with an attorney immediately.

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