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Have You Developed Ovarian Cancer From Talc Powder?

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The link between the use of Johnson & Johnson's talc powder and ovarian cancer is becoming increasingly more difficult for Johnson & Johnson to deny. In May of 2016, a second jury in the second trial against Johnson & Johnson found that the Plaintiff's ovarian cancer was caused by her use of Johnson & Johnson's talc powder and that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the increased risk of ovarian cancer for decades, yet targeted women, who were heavy users of talcum powder, to boost sales.

If you or a loved one has developed ovarian cancer due to talc powder, then you may be entitled to compensation. At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we take the rights and interests of the injured, wronged, and bereaved seriously, even when it means taking on a corporation that has put profits before public safety. Our New York City talc powder lawsuit attorneys have the insight, the resources, and the experience to ensure that your claim is compellingly put forth and that your voice is heard before the law.

Holding Johnson & Johnson Accountable

It is believed that Johnson & Johnson knew about the risks talc powder posed to women for years, yet did nothing to alert the public or alter their products. Internal documents show that the company was aware of concerns back in the 1970s. In 1982, Dr. Daniel W. Cramer, who heads the Obstetrics and Gynecology Epidemiology Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, identified a link between the use of talc powder on the genitals and ovarian cancer.

He began calling for warnings on the labels of talc powder, but his entreaties have gone unheeded. In 1997, Johnson & Johnson hired a medical consultant to evaluate the cancer risks of talc powder. The analysis concluded that dismissing a correlation between the two would be "denying the obvious in the face of all evidence to the contrary." Johnson & Johnson continued to market and sell their talc products (such as baby powder), even specifically targeting women to boost sales.

It's estimated that more than 1,200 lawsuits have now been filed against Johnson & Johnson seeking to have it accept responsibility for death and sickness caused by talc powder.

In the first half of 2016 the following verdicts were rendered:

  • February 2016, St. Louis, Missouri: a jury ordered that Johnson & Johnson pay the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer $72 million.
  • May 2016, St. Louis, Missouri: a jury ordered that Johnson & Johnson pay a woman who developed ovarian cancer $55 million.

Fighting for the Relief You Deserve

Johnson & Johnson continues to deny that their talc products are dangerous to women consumers. "Unfortunately, the jury's decision goes against 30 years of studies by medical experts around the word that continue to support the safety of cosmetic talc," a spokeswoman said after one recent court decision. "Johnson & Johnson has always taken questions about the safety of our products extremely seriously." The company has still refused to add a warning label to their talc products.

As one of the world's largest companies, Johnson & Johnson believes that it can sweep its own disregard for public safety under the rug. At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we find that—and the company's denial that they've harmed people—unacceptable. If you or a loved one believe that they have been hurt by talc powder, the time to take legal action is now. Our legal team knows what it takes to hold these entities responsible for their negligence and are ready to hear your story today.

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