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New York Electrocution Accident Attorneys

Electrocutions and electrical accidents can pose serious threats to the workers who do their jobs around these lines every day. As projects are underway, the construction or industrial company has a responsibility to properly install and maintain all wires.

This includes ensuring that:

  • There are no sags in the line
  • Lines are safely covered
  • Lines do not run too close to the house
  • Repairs are made to lines that have been damaged or knocked down by storms
  • Protection is provided to the public from the dangerous voltages

Sullivan & Brill, LLP: Representation You Can Trust, Advocacy You Need

At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we represent workers and employees who have been injured or electrocuted by dangerous power lines while on the job. We will thoroughly investigate the details of the accident to determine where negligence occurred and how it could have been prevented.

Accidents occur due to reckless behavior or disregard, such as:

  • Inadequate electrical warnings
  • Failure to insulate wiring
  • Failure to kill the electricity before starting work
  • Substandard work done by the electrical company.

We also closely look at the training that was provided to the electrical worker who may have been responsible for the accident. If you were injured in an electrical accident on the job where an electrical company for which you were not employed contributed to the injury, we can help. These accidents include third-party liability of the responsible electrical company, and a claim can be filed in addition to workers' compensation claims that are likely already underway.

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