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I do not believe there is any firm out there who can be more sincere in every way

“Four years ago I started on an unfamiliar journey (filing a law-suit). Mr. joeseph Sullivan & his team made it seamlesly easy. Mine was an injury suit - I tripped & fell on broken city property. I sustained several injuries including a broken tooth, scars on knees & lip, I broke part of my hand and there was a lot of damage in my cervical spine. 

Anyway, throughout the four years I dealt with several of their oustanding attorneys: Courtney Haskins, Allison Mckenzi & Joe (Mr. Sullivan himself). Please don' t think in anyway I got switched around, because any one of them couldnt handle the case, it's due to the fact they have cases coming in on a regular basis & when one of them end up with 80 plus cases on their plate, which i remember courtney had, hence they reassaign. I must go on to say that whatever brought myself & this amazing team together, I am SOOOO TREMENDUSLY HAPPY! 

I am so glad they were the ones who said yes to my case & so fortunate to have gotten to know them. I feel like I have made 3 new friends. Not only are they a professional team, they truly are down to earth people who honestly care about their clients. So, in the end I got a fair settlement. In regards to them, I do not believe there is any firm out there who can be more sincere in every way - professional, caring, etc, but most of all human. Honestly I care about them and I'm truly going to miss them. I would love to have all of them over for dinner if they'd come. Sincere thanks, my friends! - Kelly”

– Kelly Durant

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Our firm serves clients throughout New York State, including New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Albany, Syracuse, and Long Island.

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