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Ways to Avoid New York Bicycle Accidents

Posted by Unknown | Jul 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Bicycle accidents with other drivers on the road can result in severe life-threatening injuries that can take weeks or months to recover from. Some of these bicycle accident injuries may even lead to lifelong disabilities or death. Avoiding these accidents altogether is a possibility when you know some of the most important safety tips for bicyclists in New York. However, if you were in a bicycle accident and are still recovering from your injuries, then consider contacting a New York Bicycle Accident Attorney to explore your options for compensation.

Causes of New York Bicycle Accidents

Part of avoiding bicycle accidents means knowing what causes them the most. Some of the most common New York bicycle accident causes include reckless behaviors like distracted driving and traveling on the road while

Ways to Avoid New York Bicycle Accidents

under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Inattention to the road can be caused by distractions like using a phone or wearing headphones while riding your bike. What headphones do is take away your peripheral hearing, something that might make you not perceive a car right next to you or coming up from behind you. Bicyclists on busy roads must remain alert as much as possible due to the often unpredictable nature of other drivers on the road, especially at large intersections, where many bicycle accidents occur.

Other drivers can become distracted too and may make perceptual errors that lead to collisions with bicyclists. Blind spots can be a huge factor in not seeing a bicyclist when turning or moving over to the next lane. Since bicyclists are smaller than the average vehicle, many drivers are not used to bicyclists in their blind spots.

Safety Tips for New York Bicyclists

One of the most important safety tips you can follow as a bicyclist is driving in a predictable way. This may not sound like much, but out of all the other New York bicycle safety tips, driving predictably is what avoids the most accidents. When other drivers have a solid idea of what you will be doing at all times, the chances of driver errors that lead to accidents decrease.

You can do this by riding slower when crossing busy roads, turning, or shifting lanes. This can help give drivers advanced notice compared to veering over rapidly and seemingly at the last minute. Make sure you keep enough space between you and other cars and be sure to ride in the same direction as those cars. Always be cautious around driveways where vehicles might be pulling out.

Following these tips might be enough to help you avoid New York bicycle injuries in the future.

Long Island Bicycle Accident Attorney

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